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preparing for my next painting series i was looking for a model to pose nude. i asked a friend of mine, also an artist. he rejected. i asked him why not. he could not exactly put it in words. he talked about feeling uncomfortable. it grew to a small discussion at the table. another friend said it could be an interesting experience for her. she also said she can understand that it can be uncomfortable for a person to get recognized by an audience as a nude body on a painting. i responded that the motiv of the painting would whether be his or her body but my idea. another friend, also a painter, said that for her the question itself "why not?" would be absolutely indecent and violate privacy laws. she also could not understand why somebody would pose nude accept for money.
basically it was all about how you define your privacy and what the others would think / how they would react. being naked in your bathroom you don't think about being indecent. being naked on the town square you will get in trouble by law. or you don't feel naked when you have your bikini on, but possibly in underwear.
and i thougt of the garden eden, where adam and eve were relegated from as soon as they got aware of their nakedness, started thinking about it and got ashamed of it